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Usability Research, Bibliography, and Presentation

This presentation was created for a concentration class preparing students to teach an introductory course or do corporate training in technical communication. The presentation is intended to introduce or refresh usability principles to potential instructors and to give them a … Continue reading

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IT Minor Projects and Portfolios

I have enjoyed spending the last two semesters (Spring and Fall of 2012) as an instructor in UALR’s Information Technology Program. The program consists a 12-hour certificate program and an 18-hour minor. ┬áBoth programs are built from the same set … Continue reading


Writing for the Workplace

This set of materials is the culmination of projects from a special topics class in Teaching Technical Communication. The course helped me learn how to teach principals of technical communication in a classroom setting. Another course I took called Technology … Continue reading



My teaching experience comes from teaching Writing for the Workplace twice, and teaching writing in the Information Technology Program. In both of those situations, the most important goal I have for my students is to adopt and refine a sense … Continue reading