UALR Undergraduate Catalog

This was my fifth undergraduate catalog (fourth for UALR). As a senior at Arkansas Tech University I chose to convert their undergraduate catalog from a cumbersome set of WordPerfect documents to a FrameMaker book to facilitate its production, especially as an online publication. Then from November of 2002 to June of 2007 I was charged with massaging the UALR equivalent—an unwieldy, committee-written document—into something that both millennial and non-traditional students can read and comprehend. I felt that each year the document got better, even if perpetually a work-in-progress.

The UALR Undergraduate Catalog went through a similar conversion to FrameMaker (from PageMaker). In working for consistency across the document, I learned my first principles of good technical writing: make a style sheet. High-resolution images (300 dpi) were edited using Corel PhotoPaint and included throughout the printed book. Online, image resolution was reduced to 96 dpi. I chose to include only one page in this portfolio from the 356 page catalog. The sample page included in my portfolio (64) contains most of the style choices that I had to define.

View a sample page (PDF) with callouts of individual style decisions or view the 2006-07 UALR Undergraduate Catalog.